The team at HT genuinely want our community to be the happiest and healthiest they can be. We pride ourselves in promoting eating and exercise philosophies that ensure long term success. Our ‘4kg in 4 weeks’ program is all about ‘compliance to the healthy habits’ that will achieve maximum fat loss.

This challenge is a great kick starter if you are feeling in funk leading up into summer!

We are not going to lie, it is not easy, but by completing the challenge alongside our amazing community you will have the best opportunity for success!

If you think this is for you, register today!

This program includes 

  • a comprehensive guide with all the information that you need for each week of the challenge 

  • a recipe book that you can use for inspiration or you can follow to help with food choices.

Things to know

  1. This is a completely different program to what we have ever run before

  2. It's hard but doable!


  3. We are focusing on stripping back processed foods and sugars

  4. The aim is to lose 4kg in 4 weeks so you will need to be accountable


  5. We will provide accountability and inspiration


  6. We will need measurements and a weigh in on the Saturday before the official start day of Monday the 25th of October and on the last Saturday the 21st of November


  7. Before and after photo - they can be for your eyes only if you do not want the world to see!

Success Stories